Cambridge District Scout Archive

No clear list of Chaplains exists, indeed there were insufficient references to start such a list. Chaplains were formally attached to both Troops, later Groups and the District.

From the probably incomplete ‘Early Warrants’ list held by HQ we have listed as Chaplain’s;

  • Rev A E Love – 1st Cambridge District (New Cherry Hinton) 1911
  • Rev F G Marriot of Christ’s College 1913
  • W L Arrowsmith 1914
  • B D T Smith 1913
  • H W Forbes 1913
  • H S Cripps 1913
  • T W Crafter 1912

Most are neither attached to a Troop nor specifically to the District. In 1920, as records restart, three Chaplains are listed as being were registered with the 1st, 12th and 23rd.

Many Troops were formed in conjunction with a Church or a College Choir and many more from the Early Warrant list are ‘Reverend’ but warranted in the role of SM or without specific title. A Chaplain would have been superfluous. A fair proportion of leaders also went on to become ordained and probably fulfilled the role ahead of the title.


Known dates
2013Jetta Breuk
1957 – 59Garnett Jones
1952None listed on official lists

1909  Leonard Spiller, the instigator of Scouting at Queens’ College later went on to become a HQ Commissioner for Sea Scouts. He became the first Scout Chaplain for The Discovery when it became a Scout Training Ship.

1951 Four Groups had named Chaplains. 4th, 42nd, 63rd and the 15th whose Chaplain was also CM.

JWR Archivist Dec. 2020