52nd Cambridge: Outline History

Cambridge District Scout Archive

  • 52nd Cambridge Sawston College                   1932 – ?
  • 52nd Cambridge Littleton House School          1951 – 1979

52nd Cambridge Sawston College                 1932 – 1934+                          14496

This Group was registered in 1932 and submitted Census returns

  • Scouts  1932 – 1934                On foundation they recorded 8 Scouts, in 1935 14 Scouts.

In 1935 it was one of the Groups that became part of South Cambridgeshire District in the four way division of the very large Cambridge District.  It continued to run but records remained in the new District and are lost to this history.  The 52nd Cambridge element of the name is likely to have been dropped at this point.

  • W L J Pomfret             GSM   
  • S E Redman                 SM

Both leaders were initially contacted through the College where they met.  Maroon scarf.

52nd Cambridge Littleton House School      1951 – 1979

Littleton House School group had been part of Mid Cambridgeshire District which budded from Cambridge District in 1935.  It re-amalgamated into the Cambridge District during the war and the Group was given a new Cambridge number in 1951.  The IHQ number remained the same.  This date is a little later than some of the re-numberings of the returning groups. 

  • T J Corkill                    Scouter in charge

The Census returns gives

  • Cubs                             1949
  • Cubs and Scouts         1950 – 1953
  • Cubs                             1954 – 1955

The Group did not complete returns for 1956 – 1959.  This may have been an error, not wishing to double count, as the Group was recorded throughout the years 1950 – 1959  as Handicapped Scouts.  In 1966 they were ‘temporarily struck off for not sending in return’.  

Between 1954 and 1958 (possibly later) 27 of the 29 listed leaders gave college addresses.  It may be that the student’s comparative lack of experience in the administration of a Group was the root of the failure of 1966, or that the communications failed to reach the right person.

  • Cubs                            1962 – 1969
  • Cubs and Scouts          1970 – 1976  (end of Census records for the District)
  • Cubs                            1977 – 1978

In 1970 the Council took over the running of the School and in 1973 it moved within Girton. 

The Group was re registered c. 1975, retaining the same HQ number, possibly as a consequence of the change of relationship with the school. 

  • Barry Wallman           (c 1977)
  • Mrs Wallman              (c 1977)

It continued to meet at the school and closed in 1979.  The school closed in 2003.

JWR Archivist Sept 2022