22nd Cambridge (Holy Trinity)

Cambridge District Scout Archive

‘Our Scout’s Chatter and Cub’s Growl’

This important Troop held a central place within Cambridge District for many years.

Reveille! a single issue magazine from the District gives

22nd (Holy Trinity). This Troop, at inspections, strikes one as happy and well disciplined: their knowledge of Scoutcraft is very fair. We expect them to boom with their wealth of S.M.’s.
Best wishes to Mr. Potter on his wedding. The Scouts have been most useful in Parish stunts: two of them had the luck to be in at the fire on Newmarket Road. Like the 11th, they are giving three Scouts to our Band.

The Parish Magazine of 1922 -1923 gives sufficient detail to suggest how successful it was prior to this date to be able to send out active Scots and Scouters into the District. In 1922 the SM was C J Walker, later District President until 2002.

Holy Trinity was a very active church with many activities locally and internationally. The Scouts held a Scouts Own, possibly once a week, at 91 Kings Street alongside Thursday evening meetings for Scouts and Rovers and Wednesday evening meetings for Cubs.

CM P Sands, ACM A Barlow (Kings Scout), ASM RC Blows and E W Buswell.

A note of April 1922 says ‘The troop still exists and is going strong’ which suggests that it was not regularly publishing reports. Either the magazine had faltered or the SM had fallen into the habit of not forwarding reports to the full and active magazine. They reported12 Rovers in three patrols, attended the District Church parade at St Botolph’s and were visited by the new CC Capt. Bendyshe of Barrington Hall.

A poor photograph shows the Scouts and Guides lining the road at the opening of the Memorial shelter. C J Walker met Lady BP at her Queens’ College visit of 1922 and was later that year elected to the District Executive. They held an entertainment at the Mission Hall with E A Taverner MC at the piano. Troop Chaplain was Rev H K P Smith. It is of note that Rover Scout E Holman became ACM in the 17th Cambridge (Catholic) Troop

In October 1922 9 Scouts were to help at the Mammoth Show, ASM Blows lent to the Caius Troop. 7 Scouts attended the Prince of Wales Rally at Alexander Palace and the attendance of 5 members at a fire in Cherry Hinton ‘rendering invaluable service , staying until 1.30 AM in the morning’ was recorded.

The reports had now become more regular and the title, above, used to headline the paragraph.

JWR Archivist May 2022