The Adventurer

Cambridge District Scout Archive

The following articles are from The Scouter September and October 1948.  The double entry for a Scouting enterprise is indicative of its worth.

Written by GSM W A Mackrow of the 12th Cambridge

The conversion was a major undertaking of 12000 hours work over 14 months, by the Senior Sea scouts, Senior Scouts and Rovers of the 12th. One of the major donors was John Murrish, the founding SM of the Group.

A log of a fortnights cruise in 1951 along the rivers of East Anglia is retained in the Cambridgeshire Collection and many details of the cruise have been incorporated into other articles on this site. ‘Mac’ was definitely ‘Skip’ when on board.

The boat was eventually sold in 1956 and became a House Boat on the Thames.

Other records exist showing the boat as originally delivered and the naming ceremony.

Mr Murrish ‘anointing the bows of the craft with champagne and naming her “The Adventurer”‘

Note: The incomplete list of Groups from c 1932 gives the 12th Cambridge Rovers address as Rovers : “The Adventurer”, Scout Dock, Riverside Court, Chesterton Road, M. 8 . It is currently the only known reference to an earlier boat.

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