W A Mackrow

Cambridge District Scout Archive

Obituary by W T Thurbon

Scouter in charge Troop 8 Sub Camp 1 World Scout Jamboree 1937.

A fuller history of this very active Scouter remains to be compiled.

He is reported to have built a Link Trainer, for the Air Scouts of the 12th during WW2 and in his will left £750 to the 12th Cambridge. During his time at the 12th they built a new Scout Hut off Gilbert Road and a Boat House at the back of Portland Arms. The rigour of the administration of the 12th stands as a monument to the work he put into the Group.

In Oct 2020 an ex Scout of the 12th, active in the 1950’s, spoke of him throughout an interview as Uncle Mac, and pronounced his name ‘Mac – Crow’ His recollection was that Mackrow was (a or) the Chief Engineer at Pye and in a position to recommend ‘Boys and Girls’ for jobs. Terry Shaw, the interviewee, worked for Pye at this time.

The history of the 12th is littered with links to Pye, donations of radios sold for the funds, invitations to man the Motor Barge at Earls Court Radio Exhibition, links with the sports club (fencing and rowing). It is likely that much of this was manufactured by Uncle Mac. He is remembered as living off Victoria Road.

JWR Archivist Mar 2019