University Scout Masters 1909 – 1914

Cambridge District Scout Archive

From Gilwell Archives

The earliest Warrants recorded in the Gilwell Archives for Cambridgeshire are 182 that span May 1909 to September 1914.

Of these 182, 33 have addresses at a University college.

Queens’ and Trinity are amongst the largest Colleges but the number of leaders from these Colleges are disproportionately high. Queens’ in particular was driven by exceptionally enthusiastic Scouters.

Listed in order of their first registered warrant the colleges provided:

Trinity College6
Ridley Hall2
Trinity Hall 1
St Catharine’s2
Sidney Sussex1

14 SM, 13 ASM, 2 Chaplains, 1 Instructor and three DSM’s (two also listed as SM’s)

They are not all students; one is listed as BA and two were Chaplains.   Three became DSMs which suggests a greater maturity or very rapid advance.

JWR Archivist Feb 2019