Senior Scout Adventure Trophy

Cambridge District Scout Archive

This Trophy was donated by W A Mackrow of the 12th Cambridge and ACC  in 1945 at the start of Senior Scouts. The Cup was for ‘The most Exciting and Adventurous journey of the year.

Hallmarked silver

It is inscribed around the upper ring and filling the available spaces

  • 1946    (empty)
  • 1947    1st Cambridge
  • 1948    1st Cambridge
  • 1949    12th Cambridge
  • 1950    .
  • 1951    .
  • 1952    .
  • 1953    .

1954 was not added.

And on the first and only extra plate in the centre

1955    5th Cambridge

Recorded in 1956 but probably relating to 1955 Queens Scouts and Jamboree participants of the 5th J Boocock and D Greenwood built a diving bell and stayed submerged beneath the Cam; an act for which they won the Adventures Trophy.

The Trophy was passed to Cambridge District by Roger Summerfield, GSL of the 1st Harston.

JWR Archivist Feb 2019