Howard Mallett O.B.E.

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In 1957 Alderman H R Mallett (ACC Relationships) was awarded an OBE for his work in Scouting. He was DC for Cambridge between 1936 and 1952. A full list of his roles is given below.

His scouting, in Scouts Golden Jubilee year, was likely to be the charitable hook on which his many social acts were recognised.  The report in The Scouter of 1957 repeats the wording given in Wikipedia’s page. 

He formed the core of records and evaluated records for the Exec.

7th Cambridge photo album 1935

The photographs, above and below, are the only ones located other than a poor reproduction in mayoral garb.

A Scout Master H.R. Mallett of the 1st March (Cambridgeshire) received a Silver Cross in May 10th 1921. Saving a girl from drowning. Awards0442.jpg The connection is not made.

Receiving a gift from Cambridge, Massachusetts during WW2

Howard had received the Silver Acorn in 1944 and the Silver Wolf in 1955. 

From The Scouter Oct 1954

He was noted for his work in maintaining links between Scouting within Cambridge during the Second World War and later known as the Scouting Mayor.  Conversely he attributed his work and experience for Scouting as giving him the skills and the confidence to stand for local election as Councillor.  The later affirmation of Alderman, a longer term role given to some Councillors, re- enforces the respect in which he was held.

The Howard Mallett Centre was his initiative, the last of a long line of social centres he generated for the young of Cambridge, both in and out of Scouting.

From Cambridge City Council records ‘Mayor 1954 to 1955 Howard R. Mallett Associated with the Boy Scouts Movement for nearly 50 years. His particular interests on the Council were health and education. He also served on the County Council. Worked as an official at the Cambridge University Library. Throughout the war, Mr. Mallett sent a monthly news bulletin to many local Scout groups which kept alive a cohesive county when many leaders were away. Awarded an OBE in 1957. Howard Mallett Youth Club in New Street named after him. Independent then Conservative.

Obituary by W T Thurbon

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